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Outline Systems helps insurers grow. Our company got its start when the team decided to devote their full attention and energies on an emerging challenge -- workflow automation for the distribution of Insurance. Since then, we've maintained a steady, exclusive tie with insurance, mostly Property and Casualty Insurers. We've devoted considerable time and energy to understanding workflows and processes and then setting out to provide the tools and systems that support and improve those workflows.


A typical user needs access to several interdependent applications in an enterprise to perform his or her job duties. With more and more applications being introduced everyday into an already complex landscape, managing appropriate access becomes an arduous task. In these complex environments having an enterprise security model is essential so that these interconnected applications can use common authentication, authorization and entitlement schemes to achieve compliance as well as improve accessibility of each application.

Insurance companies need to address Identity Management (IDM) of Internal Employees, External Partners (financial as well as agency) and Insured's. The self service needs of these three user communities require a unique Delegation and Entitlement Model which differs from branch to branch, agency to agency and insured to insured. The complex organizational hierarchy of producers / sub producers and carrier companies belonging to the group further adds to the complexity of Insurance IdM.

SecureOne is a comprehensive Identity Management Solution which automates provisioning, authorization and entitlement management policies within organizations. It provides greater efficiency, tighter security, improved service levels and more proficient compliance reporting. SecureOne provides the following features:

  • Delegated Provisioning Model
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Password Management
  • User Self Service
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Federated Provisioning / SSO
  • SOA / Web-services Integration

Based on business specific needs SecureOne give varied options

  • SecureOne™ Lite
  • SecureOne™ Standard
  • SecureOne™ Premium