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Outline Systems helps insurers grow. Our company got its start when the team decided to devote their full attention and energies on an emerging challenge -- workflow automation for the distribution of Insurance. Since then, we've maintained a steady, exclusive tie with insurance, mostly Property and Casualty Insurers. We've devoted considerable time and energy to understanding workflows and processes and then setting out to provide the tools and systems that support and improve those workflows.


Your Agency Sales Force is vital to your success. 

ProducerOne is Distribution Channel Management – Producer Compliance, Relationships Management and Strategic Compensation Management for you and your Sales Team. 

There are a myriad of activities related to successfully managing your channel – and a million ways to chew up time and money. Anything you can do to streamline your processes leads to improvements in the bottom-line—not to mention gains in Employee and Producer satisfaction, improved controls and the advantages you realize over competitors. 

Our product easily handles things like on-boarding new Producers ensuing they have the proper licenses and appointments for your lines by leveraging industry standards like NIPRProducerOne automates these processes and minimizes the time your staff spends keying and re-keying all the data related to the Sales Channel. You can also order up background checks on Producers all within our system.

There’s an old saying that goes like this, “Insurance isn’t bought…it’s sold.”  Even more accurate is that selling insurance is all about relationships and that’s never been truer than it is today.  As more and more Agents become independent of an Insurer, managing what’s important to you and your Agents requires organization, resources, time and energy.  Our ProducerOne product includes a module devoted to staying on top of this critical link in your value chain.  ProducerOne’s Relationship module systemically and efficiently organizes the important things related to Agents and Agencies.  Now keeping track of activities is a breeze so you can guarantee you are nurturing and optimizing the Producer relationships for your workforce and getting the most from your staff. 

ProducerOne helps you manage the entire Agent lifecycle with modules devoted to:

  • Producer Compliance
  • Distribution Relationship Management
  • Compensation Management

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