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Outline Systems helps insurers grow. Our company got its start when the team decided to devote their full attention and energies on an emerging challenge -- workflow automation for the distribution of Insurance. Since then, we've maintained a steady, exclusive tie with insurance, mostly Property and Casualty Insurers. We've devoted considerable time and energy to understanding workflows and processes and then setting out to provide the tools and systems that support and improve those workflows.


Evolving Your Distribution Channels: Modernization that Matters

Speaker Presenter(s) :

Karlyn Carnahan, Novarica

Andy Harrison, Great American Insurance Company


Acord LomaInsurance isn’t purchased the way it was a decade ago. Unfortunately, insurers have maintained static distribution channels with little potential for significant growth. So, how can insurance distribution channels change with the times? For insurers, the evolution of distribution channels is modernization that matters. Insurers struggle with managing modern distribution channels. Functions such as validating agent appointment and measuring performance are largely tedious, redundant, manual processes. By utilizing a flexible, distribution management solution, insurers can reduce operational costs incurred in managing and monitoring licensing, performance and compensation.

For insurers, such an automated solution not only eases the pain of on-boarding, compensating and measuring the effectiveness of producers, it also increases agent effectiveness through targeted marketing, highlighting cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and identifying distribution channel opportunities.

Attend this session to learn how automation can help distribution channels roll with the punches and improve producer management at the same time.

  • Compare their current distribution channels against competitors.
  • Evaluate if modernization of distribution channels is necessary.
  • Create a plan for improving the productivity and effectiveness of your distribution channels.